Advantages for investment

  • Established companies in the Sea will receive the benefits from international commerce agreements subscribed by the Republic.
  • If any equipment or good require exportation for the construction of the SEA, it will not generate taxing.
  • Established companies in SEA will receive Income Tax exonerations, in order to adequate the productive process. This may increase according to their exploitation levels.
  • Companies will have tax protection over goods and services produced in the SEA, and will be distributed in the Governments chains.

Benefits to the sub-region

  • It breaks the logic of importing goods that can be developed in Venezuela, optimizing currency use towards production.
  • It gives an impulse to productive chains, from providing raw materials to the SEA to distribution and commercialization of goods and services.
  • It contributes with subregional economic development, giving an impulse to production in the educational system, research and technology.
  • It contributes to generate new stable and formal Jobs.
  • It provides necessary goods and services to the people.


Morón-Puerto Cabello Special Economic Area is located in the North-Coast frame of the Central Region and Center-west. Its total area is 2.384 km2, which presents 174 kms of coast. Its administrative municipalities are: Ocumare de la Costa in Argaua state, Bejuma, Juan José Mora Naguanagua and Puerto Cabello from Carabobo State, Silva in Falcón State, and Manuel Monjes and Veroes in Yaracuy.

Physical-enviromental aspects

In a first block, towards the northern-east limit, you can find the coast with areas like Puerto Cabello and Borburata, to the south we find mountain areas. To the north you can find rivers: Morón, Boca de Aroa and Tucacas which form wide a foodplain and very low marine fluvial.


  • Morón Puerto Cabello Special Economic Area has an exceptional economic potential, which unites different factors that facilitate and promote its development. Its exceptional location in the center-north-coast of the country is very accessible, through high ways, sea or by plane; not to mention the rail project that is taking place, which will make connections with other cities even easier.
  • It´s got Venezuela´s biggest cabotage port ( Puerto Cabello Sea Port), considered as the country´s most important and number 22 among America´s best 100 ports, in a ranking elaborated by the American Economy Magazine in 2013. three thirds of the country´s exports are done through this port, which makes it easy to deduct that among its main economic activities are customs services, and therefore many custom service companies can be found in Puerto Cabello, companies for stowed ships, storage companies, ship chander´s providers, shipping agents, etc
  • Presence in the country´s second biggest refinery “El Palito”, Morón petrochemical, dedicated to the development of hydrocarbons and electricity production trough Planta Centro.
  • Presence in Puerto Cabello´s three (3) industrial parks: La Elvira, Santa Rosa and La belisa, which could become specialized in providing support for the nine factories that will settle.
  • The area has coast and marine ecosystems, colonial and historical centers which have given an impulse to the development of Industrial, touristic and customs activities and therefore have a major National and International Relevance. The Touristic Interest Area- TIA can also be found, between Chichiriviche and Boca de Aroa which include Morrocoy´s National Park.


The objective of Morón Puerto Cabello Special Economic Area is to give an impulse to the sub regional development by using the area´s industrial potential, the existing road connections and ports facilities as an engaging element that promotes development. The area will provide specializations in technological, oil, touristic and fishing fields. These will have development preferences in an integrated potentialities scheme, petrochemical, automotive, development of construction chains, through a socialist development. As a result, it will share strategies for the nation´s economic complementarity by having the support of foreign investment, as a mean to cover the need of necessary and strategic final goods for the nation as a well as promoting exports.

Socio demograhic caractheristics

SEA Morón- Puerto Cabello has a population of 510.330, 256.121 of which are women and 254.209 are men.
From this amount 458.289 live in urban areas and 52.041live in sub urban areas.
Municipality total surface density
SEA´s population are mostly young people, 55, 54 % (283.487 people) and they are located in the 15 to 49 years group.

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